About Us :

Allnatt is a perfect blend of Epsom Salt, Mineral Sea Salt, Himalayan Salt,
Dried Flowers, Essential Oil Blends and Natural Herbs that we mix to support
your health.

Magnesium Ions from Dead Sea Salt, and antioxidants from flowers can help
complete your daily detox.

All Allnatt ingredients are imported from Germany and premium quality. The
original color of all the mineral salts used by Allnatt, such as; Epsom salt,
Himalayan salt, and Sea Salt course, has a natural color from nature. Likewise, all types of flowers used in Allnatt are flowers of the best quality
and have been tested for their benefits.

This product is made with love, free from SLS/SLes, no added harsh
chemicals, no preservatives and artificial coloring, and its a paraben free